I will be speaking at Pacific Business & Law Institute’s, “Essential Tasks of Pension and Benefit Plan Trustees,” on February 28, 2018. The conference assembles leading experts to educate Plan trustees on their legal duties including recent changes to the law, best practices and practical advice to help create successful, sustainable plans.

As a trustee, it is essential that you understand your legal duties, what to watch out for, and how to limit your exposure to liability. To this end, this conference assembles leading experts to educate you on your legal duties as a trustee and how to protect yourself, to update you on recent changes in the law, and to provide you with best practices and practical advice to assist you in creat­ing successful and sustainable plans.

Whether you are newly appointed or a more expe­rienced trustee, this conference is designed to equip you with the tools required to successfully fulfill your duties and to assist in creating and maintaining suc­cessful and sustainable plans.

Key Messages from the Conference:

  • The keys to being an effective pension and benefit plan trustee
  • Your responsibilities as a trustee and how to protect yourself from liability
  • Recent legal developments in both the regulatory and judicial realms
  • The risk landscape for group benefits, and who should be at risk
  • How the CPP reform can affect your pension plan
  • The Regulator’s perspective on the new BC legislation, with insight from the Superintendent of Pensions
  • Interior Lumbermen’s real life experience with a combined defined benefit/target benefit plan

This Conference Is Designed For:

  • Pension and benefit plan trustees
  • Pension consultants, investment professionals, lawyers and other advisors
  • Actuaries
  • Insurance professionals

Registration and Conference Brochure

For more information about PBLI  visit www.pbli.com

I hope to see you there.