George & Bell Consulting Inc. is a privately held corporation, wholly-owned by our partners, based in B.C. with offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto. We are a firm of professionals who provide pension, benefits, and investment consulting advice. Our clients include unions, management, Indigenous trusts, endowments, foundations and jointly governed plans in the public and private sectors across Canada.

Why George & Bell Consulting?

Common to our three practice areas, the advice we provide our clients is driven by the following tenets:

More than just information

A large part of consulting is providing our clients with the advice necessary to allow them to make informed decisions. A critical component of that advice that is often missing is a recommendation from the experts. We believe our consulting advice to our clients should include recommendations when decisions need to be made.

Flexibility you need

We are not restricted to one way of doing things and we believe that our services should be tailored to suit our clients’ needs. This approach applies to how we charge for our services; we are not subject to quarterly profit and growth targets and, with this longer-term view, are better able to support our clients’ projects/goals.


We approach our work with a “common sense” frame of mind. We call things how we see them and aim to provide only useful advice/information for our clients in a cost-effective way. This approach is supported by our belief in full transparency around fees.

Proactive and Innovative Experts

Our clients are our priority. Without pressure from external shareholders, we can focus on our clients’ needs. We focus on forward looking action plans rather than historical results. We focus our resources and attention in our areas of expertise: providing advice on pensions, benefits and investments.

Refer to Services for more information on the range of pension, benefit and investment services we provide.

Social Responsibility at George & Bell

We are committed to providing locally-sourced consulting, creating benefits for clients and society in general. We are opposed to offshoring and outsourcing as we believe these actions result from short-sighted pressures to cut costs. In the long-term, such actions can impair quality and accuracy of work and hollow out the next generation of critical thinkers. Further, offshoring may impair the quality and accuracy of our advice and work product.

Truth & Reconciliation

We are committed to being a part of the community in which we live and work. One area that has been a particular focus is our commitment to supporting Truth & Reconciliation initiatives. We recognize the importance of educating ourselves about the true impact Canada’s history of colonialism has had on Indigenous peoples: creating systematic disadvantages, past atrocities including residential schools, and other present-day challenges. We have a responsibility to engage with our employees, clients, and Indigenous communities to support the process of reconciling those past wrongs, as well as appreciating and celebrating the vibrant and diverse Indigenous cultures. We have and will continue to seek out opportunities to support Indigenous communities, which include continuing to build strong, long-term relationships with our Indigenous clients.