Individual Investors

Strategic Income Security Services

Through the investment team at our subsidiary Strategic Income Security Services (SISS), individuals can access the same investment strategies we offer to our institutional clients and that are not typically available to individual investors.

Since 2000, the SISS team has successfully designed, implemented and managed after-tax retirement plans for individuals. These plans are long-term, low risk and low cost investment portfolios to provide future income with a high degree of certainty.

For a free initial consultation, please contact SISS.

George & Bell Aggregator Fund
The G&B Aggregator Fund (“GBAF”) is an efficient, long-term investment horizon vehicle that allows smaller investors to benefit from using investment options typically reserved for use by institutional investors. Participants may choose single or multiple asset classes and managers. All assets will be invested in funds managed by external investment managers. George & Bell Consulting performs an administrative and coordination role on a cost-recovery basis.

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