For Clients with Benefit Plans

We advise clients on all aspects of active benefit plans such as life insurance, long term disability coverage and health/dental benefits as well as post-retirement and post-employment benefit plans.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of funding and accounting valuations for all types of post-employment and post-retirement benefit plans, including self-insured long term disability benefits
  • Assisting plan sponsors with plan design and funding decisions based on sound actuarial principles
  • Preparation and review of plan documents, contracts and agreements
  • Conduct annual renewal analysis and negotiations with providers for insured and self-insured benefits
  • Perform provider marketing processes to assist clients in selecting preferred insurers and third-party administrators to deliver benefits
  • Prepare plan experience summaries and forecasts for budgeting
  • Assist clients with governance oversight and day-to-day queries regarding plan and claims management

In addition, we have experience with projects such as:

  • Measuring changes in disability management outcomes
  • Reviewing benefit administration procedures and calculations
  • Establishing, terminating or changing plans
  • Reviewing work performed by other providers
  • Board and committee education
  • Communication support: newsletters, websites, booklets, annual reports

We advise clients on investment issues for funded benefit plans:

  • Investment strategy and policy reviews
  • Investment performance analysis and reporting
  • Asset mix studies
  • Dynamic asset allocation and de-risking strategies

We have experience with many types of plans and sponsors:

  • We work with one of the largest health and welfare plans in Canada, where we set reserves and contribution rates and review and revise actuarial policies and procedures, all the way down to assisting groups with under 10 covered members implement programs
  • Plan sponsor sectors: public sector employer and trustee boards, private sector employer and trustee boards
  • Plan sponsor types: joint trustee boards, employer trustee boards, union trustee boards, management staff/committees and advisory committees

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services for clients with benefit plans.

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