As we approach National Truth & Reconciliation Day, observed on September 30th, George & Bell wanted to acknowledge the significance of Indigenous Peoples and their cultural and historical significance in Canada. Our goal as a firm is to continue supporting truth and reconciliation initiatives and fostering Indigenous relationships. 

Truth & Reconciliation Day is a day for us to reflect on the painful history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the journey towards reconciliation. It is a day to remember the ongoing legacy of residential schools, to honour survivors and their families and to commit to actions that promote healing and understanding of Indigenous Peoples. 

Earlier this year, we put together a Truth & Reconciliation Policy to ensure that we have a meaningful understanding of Truth & Reconciliation Day and the issues it represents. In this, we have compiled some key points and resources:

Education: We support taking the time to become educated on Indigenous Peoples, their cultures and communities in our respective regions and throughout Canada.

  • What Indigenous land are you on? Here’s an interactive map which showcases the different Indigenous territories, languages and treaties globally:

Acknowledge the Past and Present: It’s essential to recognize and acknowledge the painful history of Indigenous Peoples.

Support Indigenous Communities: Find ways to support Indigenous communities in and around our respective areas. This could include attending cultural events, purchasing Indigenous art and products, or volunteering. We look forward to attending local Indigenous events in our respective localities.

Blake Kezar