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Randi Topp  FCIA, FSA



Randi has worked in the pension and investment fields for over 26 years.   Her areas of specialization include pension plan investments and oversight, with a focus on risk management.

She has worked extensively on the development, execution and maintenance of policies for the investment, funding and governance of pension plans, ensuring alignment with her client’s goals and values.  In addition to strategy and policy development, her work has included performance evaluation and selection of investment managers and fund options, pension plan design, asset mix optimization, asset/liability analysis and related communications.

Previously, Randi worked as a pension plan consultant at a global consulting company.  She then provided strategic leadership and oversight internally for the defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans and related investments at one of the largest global companies based in British Columbia.

She has chaired committees of individuals with a wide range of investment knowledge including senior executives and has presented regularly to Boards, committees and employees on pension and investment topics.  Other experience includes work on executive compensation programs and overseeing a global insurance program.

Randi currently sits on the Investment Advisory Committee of the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia.

Qualifications & Education

Randi is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.   She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science.