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Jeremy Bell  FCIA, CFA



Jeremy has worked in the pension, benefits and investment fields for 21 years. He advises clients on actuarial and investment matters related to pension and benefit plans. He also advises lawyers and provides expert witness testimony.

Jeremy has enjoyed varied experiences in the actuarial and investment fields.  Most recently, as Chief Actuary and Chief Investment Officer of Healthcare Benefit Trust he was responsible for setting contribution rates and reserves and overseeing the investments of the approximately $1 billion health and welfare trust.

Prior to his role at Healthcare Benefit Trust, he gained pension and investment experience working at major consulting firms.  He was the Western Region leader of Investment Consulting for an international consulting firm.  In this role, he advised institutional investors (i.e., pension, disability, automobile insurance, and foundations) with assets totaling $30 billion on asset mix, investment managers and investment policies and procedures.  In a previous role at another international consulting firm, he consulted on liability and regulatory issues for pension plans.

In 2010, Jeremy provided testimony to the Senate of Canada’s Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce on a proposed law affecting long-term disability claims on assets in the event of their company’s bankruptcy. Jeremy previously provided testimony to the Manitoba Public Utility Board on investment issues. Jeremy also previously provided testimony in a legal case that was accepted as expert testimony within the BC Supreme Court.

Jeremy is a frequent speaker at industry events. Recent speaking engagements include: Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute, Federated Press, Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Canada Cup of Investment Management.

Qualifications & Education

Jeremy is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.

Jeremy is active with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. His volunteer commitments include:

  • Member, Group Insurance Committee
  • Chair, Post-Employment Benefits Committee
  • Member, Continuing Education Committee
  • Chair, Continuing Education Group Sub-Committee
  • Chair, Task Force charged with drafting CIA Public Policy on Self-Funded Long-Term Disability Plans

Jeremy is also a current or former member of the following boards/committees:

  • Member, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Board (current)
  • External Investment Committee Member, Alberta Public Service Pension Board (past)
  • Member, British Columbia Municipal Pension Board of Trustees (past)

He graduated from the University of Victoria in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Mathematics. He earned the Jubilee Medal from the University of Victoria, awarded to the student with the highest graduating grade point average in the Faculty of Science.