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Glenn Smith  FCIA, FSA



Glenn has worked in the pension and benefits sector for 23 years. He has consulted on a variety of plans including multi-employer pension plans, jointly trusteed plans, retirement compensation arrangements, group benefit plans and other supplementary retirement programs.

He advises clients on a wide array of pension and group benefit issues from plan design to compliance to risk assessment, including overseeing work processes and training programs on valuations, funding, investment, accounting, and administration issues. He has also been focused on improving governance and risk management for several post-retirement benefits programs.

Prior to joining George & Bell, Glenn worked on many of the largest pension plans in Western Canada, as well as plans in almost every jurisdiction within Canada, from coast to coast to coast. He has assisted clients with converting to new types of plan designs, such as target benefit plans, as well as the complex task of merging plans across multiple jurisdictions.

Through a 2008 acquisition, Glenn joined a national human resources consulting firm. Since then, he has expanded his practice to include developing processes and tools related to workflow and work-inventory management while also advising clients on matters such as pension legislation, reciprocal transfer agreements and plan documentation.

Prior to 2008, Glenn was a consultant at a regional, independent consulting firm in Vancouver.

Qualifications & Education

Glenn is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Simon Fraser University (SFU). He has also been a sessional instructor for the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at SFU. He is currently a member of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ Investment Practice Committee.