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Welcome to George & Bell Consulting

George & Bell Consulting Inc. is a privately-held corporation, wholly-owned by our partners, based in B.C. with offices in Vancouver, Whitehorse and Toronto. We are a pension, benefits and investment consulting firm who advise boards, plan sponsors, participants and other stakeholders of pension and benefit plans. Our clients include unions, management, endowments, foundations and jointly-governed plans in the public and private sectors across Canada.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we partner with them to find creative and proactive solutions to problems.

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New B.C. Defined Benefit Funding Rules and Single Employer Target Benefit Plans

Last week the B.C. government announced new defined benefit (DB) plan funding rules that take effect December 31, 2019. Some might say that these changes have been long overdue given that the past regime’s heavy focus on solvency is a main cause of DB plans being less prevalent in the private sector. Read the rest of this blog post here.