On July 3, 2018, the Supreme Court of British Columbia completed its judicial review of a prior decision by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of B.C. to release certain information to the Independent Contractors and Business Association (ICBA) related to our clients’ pension plans.

This issue arose when, in 2010, an access to information request was received by the B.C. pensions regulator, B.C. FICOM. Therein, ICBA asked for detailed information on a number of union-sponsored pension plans. FICOM released some of the information, but held back some of it on the basis that its disclosure could harm the interests of a third party. Our clients, their legal counsel, and our firm strongly believe that the information that was to be released would not have been used in a manner which best served the interests of plan members. Ultimately, the Honourable Madam Justice J. A. Power has sided with our clients, now bringing this matter to a close.  We are very pleased to have been invited to provide our thoughts on this issue and our submission has been noted by the Court in paragraph 115 of the judgment.

For the entire reasoning behind the decision, please see the attached document: