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First Nation Trusts

We provide a full range of investment and management related services to Trustees of First Nation Trusts from our Vancouver office.

We advise First Nation clients on investment issues including:

  • Investment administration, custody and record-keeping
  • Investment policy reviews
  • Investment manager searches
  • Trust fund / investment manager performance analysis and reporting
  • Investment education sessions
  • Community education sessions
  • Asset mix studies
  • Distribution policies, including actuarial reviews where lifetime income is distributed

Our investment advice goes beyond traditional public market investments to include private equity investments and other investments held within a self governing First Nation portfolio.

In addition to investment advice, we provide strategic planning advice to First Nations and First Nation Trusts. We recognize that Trust assets are important for the growth of each community and we are grateful to have worked with various First Nation clients for over a decade. We have experience with First Nation Trusts at both the time of initial settlement and many years after initial settlement.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services for First Nation clients or speak to a reference.